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Today (feat. Erok Foret & SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE)

from Spare Thoughts by Tom Swifty & Tha TruthTella



This one is probably tied with Something Rough for the longest process and most changes made of any track on the album. I love the way this one is structured, with the sample-heavy first verse from Erok Foret, then the sample-free second one from SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE, and me tying the two together at the end.


(Today) Ain't no different from yesterday, it's just the same, really, 
When you get down to it, but (Today) 
Is all we got, so we gotta make it hot, 
Yeah, we get down to it, what? [x2] 


Dream [today]
For a better tomorrow,
Let's get swept up in our hopes, a little less far to go
If yesterday was spent this way,
But we got rent to pay [today]
Trickin the mind to worship nickels and dimes
When there isn't the time
Change, we need it
Not in some faraway, unpromised one comment feeble,
Let's be honest, people
It's embarrassing, carelessly prepared to keep racing
For less air to breath
Bickering hard, we should be filtering smog,
It's time the kids are in charge
But the truth about [today]
Is hard to swallow, swim the shallow
Waters hollow, still lost the battle, that's
Single mothers drink to mingle,
Homeless masses, one-finger cymbal, that's
Who's the quickest to pick up the picket signs
And who will get in line? That's
Live, live, live...


It ain't a small task,
Composed when you fall flat,
Breathin through the pain,
Drippin blood and all that
To keep it real when deep fear is on blast,
Such a bitter truth from such a small flask
Ain't easy to see, even less to admit to it,
Something you can't understand 'less you really been through it
Something in the air, something in the vibe
Isn't what we're tryin to find even if we never hide it
Is it a lie denied behind eyelids?
Is it still true if it resides inside silence?
Disguised by the high, subsiding where the violence is
Aggression of condescension from the highnesses
Lurkin round edges, wrapped in that abrasion
A phantom of the opera read, a ghost of admiration
A smokin gun? Nope, a trail from the flare flung
Reoccurring accident we too afraid to run from.


Wasted away, faded to grey 
Feels like I've been placed in this play just to face 
A parade of mistakes spectators can taste, 
An array of insane meditations on space, 
But I'm saved by the grace. Hastily chased away 
Nascent escapes from this nation's debates. 
Tastefully named and encased in a framed, 
It'd be safer to say I was made for this game 
But a taste of the fame [today] ain't what it used to be, 
I'm used to seein' youth just bein' youth 
Trying to erase the mundane [today] and every day 
That they livin' through, it's given to em, true, and yes, 
It's chastely displayed [today] in a glass case guarded 
By card-holding reps of the decayed and the lame 
Of [today] They're yesterday's great martyrs 
Who started with hearts chartered by the 
Naval brigades of [today]
Yesterday it was the army, 
Tomorrow you'll be a body in a decorated grave, 
But [today] you're just an a-hole prayin' 
He ain't a scapegoat in training, but there 
Ain't no complaining, not [today] 
Not today, no, not today, save it for a later date, 
Now take all the blame, kid [today]
What? You thought it's gonna be different, yo,
Didn't you know...



from Spare Thoughts, released September 13, 2019


all rights reserved



Tom Swifty New York, New York

Born in Springfield, Illinois, and raised in the southern Midwest of Missouri, Ezra Stead became Tom Swifty in Minneapolis when he began rapping live and recording quality tracks over ten years ago. Before that, they were... not so quality. Back in Minneapolis after 10 years in NYC, Swifty's latest albums prove that he's never been better. ... more

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