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This song was inspired by a writing prompt from the famous poet Rachel McKibbens, via my old friend Curtis X. Meyer, a poet in Orlando, Florida. The suggestion was to write a list of animals, then a list of objects each animal makes you think of, and also a list of words, actions, or sounds you think of for each animal. You then get rid of the animals and write a poem (or song) using the remaining words, which is where you get, "Her flask spits its last few drops," "Her hair a golden roar in the streetlight," "Moving together, glide like a tank slither," etc. It's a fun exercise, and I think it helped me write one of my better songs. The story is of course inspired by the old urban legend of black market organ thieves using an attractive female accomplice to drug an unsuspecting dude in order to steal his kidney, which is kind of a silly thing to spend so much time writing a song about, I guess, but the idea has always had a strange hold on my mind.

NOTES FOR PARENTS: This one is almost entirely clean, with some adult themes, sexual and drug innuendos. On the plus side, the storytelling and writing method (as outlined above) could make it beneficial for an older or precocious child interested in writing. Too slow for the little ones, probably. I think it's the best song on the collection overall, or at least the one I'm most proud of lyrically, and the beat by Sleep Less is beautiful - so moody and haunting. It's his favorite song we've done together, too, and he's all over this compilation of my recording history, under various names. Anyway, please listen to this song and if you like it, then you can decide when you're kid's ready to hear it.


from Nursery Rhymes: Clean​(​er) Cuts for the Kids, released May 1, 2016
from Surreal Talk, released August 1, 2014
Music: Sleep Less Do More. Lyrics and vocals: Tom Swifty.



all rights reserved


Tom Swifty New York, New York

A former member of Minneapolis Hip-Hop crews Death Ray Scientific (spymc.bandcamp.com/album/death-ray-scientific-lp) and Matching Wits (soundcloud.com/matching-wits), Tom Swifty has performed at shows with artists like Sage Francis, Guante, Wide Eyes, Phillip Morris, Kristoff Krane, Kanser, Solillaquists of Sound, Heiruspecs, Carnage, and the late, great Eyedea, among others. ... more

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